Economic Review 1996.03

From நூலகம்
Economic Review 1996.03
Noolaham No. 10712
Issue March 1996
Cycle மாத இதழ்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 36

To Read


  • Cities for the 21st Century
  • Urban Development and Economic Growth - by Prof. Ashley LS Perera
  • Urban Development Sector Project for Financing Urban Infrastructure - by W. A. Siriwardena
  • Urban Planning and Development Contrl: The Sri Lankan Experience - by Neil G. Karunaratne
  • Face to Face - With N. D. Dixon
  • Planning for Urbau Development in Sri Lanka - by S. Berugoda
  • Sri Lanka: towards Urbanisation in 2015 - by Prof. Ashley L. S. Perera
  • Cities and the New Global Economy - by Prof. Willie Mendis
  • Urbanisation and Urban Growth in Sri Lanka: Trends and Prospects - Prof. Willie Mendis
  • Urdanisation Trend in the Greater Colombo Area from 1956 to 1994: Using Air Photos - by Malik Majeed
  • Alleviating the Conditions of the Urban Poor: Action Programmes and Policies - by M. A. P. Senanayake
  • Broader Measures of Economic Development: the national accounts give an inaccurate indication of the nation's well - deing, because it does not take into account the negative growth aspects - by H. M. T. N. R. Herath