Economic Review 1996.04

From நூலகம்
Economic Review 1996.04
Noolaham No. 10713
Issue April 1996
Cycle மாத இதழ்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 36

To Read


  • Forestation Vs Deforestation: the burning issues
  • People & the Forests: forest management with Iocal community Participation - by Dayananda Kariyawasam
  • National Forestry Policy for Sustained Development - by Thosapala Hewage
  • Environmental Consequences of Deforestation in Sri Lanka - by Sunil Liyanage
  • Face to Face: Legislation to Protect forest fauna and flora: the Economic Review in conversation with Jagath Gunawardena
  • Reforestation with exotocs vs indigenous species: separating fact fron fiction - by A. S. Widanapathirana
  • Sri Lanka's Timber Industry in the Doldrums - by Dr. Hiran Amarasekera
  • Human/ elephant conflicts at Handapanagala: recommendations for minimising them - D. P. Munaweera and V. Y. Kuruwita
  • Ecotourism: voyage of discovery or journey to extinction? : ecotourism has disturbed the habitat to an extent that sevetat endemic species are endangered - says Jagath Gunawardena
  • Promoting Ecotourism in the South East Dry Zone of Sri Lanka - by G. Tantrigama
  • Viability of Livestock Production in Forest Systems - by Dr. A. N. F. Perera
  • Forest Management at the Crossroads: private seclor managemet of foresls was introduced partly to improve the saleability of the FSMP to a donor community infatuated with the idea of indiscriminate privatisation - by Dr. Hemesiri Kotagama