Economic Review 1997.12

From நூலகம்
Economic Review 1997.12
Noolaham No. 10718
Issue December 1997
Cycle மாத இதழ்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 32

To Read


  • A Glossary of Selected Financial Terms
  • Chronology of Financial Reforms in Sri Lanka
  • Structural Development in Finacial Market
  • Financial Structure in Sri Lanka and Economic Development - W G Ariyadasa
  • Fiscal and Financial Reforms in Sri Lanka - Dr V Kanesalingam
  • Financial Markets The Need for Reform - R M B Senanayake
  • Treasury Bond Programme: Trends During the 1st few Months of Implementation - K.G.D.D Dheerasinghe
  • The Performance of the Colombo Stock Exchange - Rajiv Cassichetty
  • Vanture Capital - Concept, Practice and Future Directions - Nissanka Weerasekera
  • Debentures, new horizons to long-term investors - Bandula Ranaweera
  • Recent Treands in the Agricultural Sector