New Democracy 2007.03

From நூலகம்
New Democracy 2007.03
Noolaham No. 2727
Issue March 2007
Cycle காலாண்டிதழ்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 60

To Read


  • Poems: Good Morning Revolution - Langston Hughes
  • The Way Forward-Liberation of Entire People of Sri Lanka is Possible only by Mass Uprisings
  • Marxist Leninists and the Sri Lankan National Question - Imayavaramban
  • Blue Gold
  • NDP Diary:
    • Appeal by the Central Committee of the NDP
    • NDP Calls for the Release of Arrested and Detained Members
    • NDP Protests the Abuse of the Name of the Party
  • Sri Lankan Events
    • Left Parties and Groups Protest against the Deteriorating National Situation
    • Expanding Cabinet and End of Party Politics?
  • International Events
    • Nepal:Cause for Caution if not Concern
    • The Philippines:Marcos Mark
    • Korea:Who Blinked?
    • US-India:Stephen Redemaker Spills the Beans
    • Russia-India-China:Coalition in the Making?
  • Book Review
  • Globalised Militarism:Fresh Questions
  • Poems
    • The People's Leader - Kahawathha P Mahendran
    • Colours - T.Pradeesh
  • Appeal by the Central Committee of the New Democratic Party
  • Announcement
  • Poems: The Ballads of Lenin - Langston Hughes