Nivedini 1996.12

From நூலகம்
Nivedini 1996.12
Noolaham No. 1099
Issue மார்கழி 1996
Cycle காலாண்டிதழ்
Editor செல்வி திருச்சந்திரன்
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 112

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உள்ளடக்கம் (Contents)

  • Editorial
  • Female Headed Households in Situations of Armed Conflict (Sepali Kottegoda)
  • Cat's Eye
  • Universality Vs. Cultural Relativism in Human Rights: The Debate and a Response (Dr. Jeyadeva Uyangoda)
  • Deconstruction is Revolution if Revolution is Body Aching (Yolanda Foster)
  • Still Struggling (Shiranee Mills)
  • A Chinese Woman Breaks the Silence
  • Gender Asymmetry in Labour (Shiranee Mills)
  • Through Women's Eyes (Charlotte Bunch)
  • Towards a Better Model for Women's Pages in Sri Lankan English dailies (Manique Karunaratne)
  • Women in the Labour Movement (Mangalika de Silva)
  • Human Rights Education and Empowerment of Women (Selvy Thiruchandran)
  • Agate Days (Eva Ranaweera)
  • Statements
    • Vivienne - An official Assessment of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party
    • Krishanthi's Gang Rape
    • Statement on Rev. Tissa Balasuriya's Excommunication