Nivedini 1999.12

From நூலகம்
Nivedini 1999.12
Noolaham No. 1094
Issue December 1999
Cycle காலாண்டிதழ்
Editor செல்வி திருச்சந்திரன்
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 106

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  • Contents
  • Editorial
  • Trauma in Female Headed Households in Amparai – Getsy Shanmugam
  • A Reconstruction of the Trauma and The Post War Syndrome of Women in Trincomalee – T.Suveendran
  • Towards a Discourse for a New Manifesto : A Post Communist Version – Selvy Thruchandran
  • A Psychological Study of Blue Collar Female Workers – Chandrika Ismail and Gameela Samarasinghe
  • Prostitution and Trafficking in Women – Aurora J. De Dios
  • The Other Question of Women and Gender in “Western Historiography” – Narmadha Thiranagama