Tamil Times 1999.12

From நூலகம்
Tamil Times 1999.12
Noolaham No. 3584
Issue டிசம்பர் 1999
Cycle மாதமொருமுறை
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 35

To Read


  • A Question War or Peace
  • LTTE Leader Offers 'Peace Talks Under Conditions of Normalcy'
  • Chandrika has the Edge but Ranil closes in
  • Peace Alliance Seeks Answers From Presidential Candidates
  • Former Chief Minister Returns as Political Activist
  • Junior Minister Defects
  • Bishops Urge People to Cast their Vote
  • Independent Commission on Disappearances Urged
  • Editor Grilled Over Madhu Church Report
  • Bishop Urges Tamils to Vote
  • 350,000 people in Wanni Face Starvation
  • Poll Shows Slight Lead for Chandrika
  • MSF Warns of Worsening Situation for People
  • Vote for Peace and Democracy - Jehan Perera
  • Election: Tamils Should Boycott - Prof.Kopan Mahadeva
  • Tamils Must Vote - T.Somasekaram
  • Peace At Last in Northern Ireland - Gerad Pandyan
  • Pakistan: The General is Drifting Aimlessly - T.N.Gopalan
  • Convicts Get Reprieve in Rajiv Murder Case - T.N.Gopalan
  • Freedom of the Press must be Unlimited - Mario M.Cuomo
  • BOOK REVIEW: Crimes Against Humanity