The Laws and Customs of the Tamils of Jaffna

From நூலகம்
The Laws and Customs of the Tamils of Jaffna
Noolaham No. 1082
Author Tambiah, H. W.
Category சமூகவியல்
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Publisher WERC Publication
Edition 2004
Pages xiv + 343

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  • Foreword I - F.J.Soertsz K.C
  • Foreword II - Selvy Thiruchandran
  • Preface - H.W.Thambiah
  • Introduction - Shivaji Felix
  • Contents
  • The Origin of Thesawalamai
    • The Legal System of Ceylon
    • Thesawalamai - A Customary Law in its Origin
    • The Origin of Custom
    • Thesawalamai Originally a Collection of Dravidian Usages
    • Marumakattayam and mukuwa Law
    • Thesawalamai and Marumakattayam Law
    • Influence of Forigns Systems of Law on Thesawalamai
    • Influence of Hindu Law
    • Influence of Mohammedan Law
    • Effectof Portuguese and Dutch Rules on Thesawalamai
    • Influence of Roman Dutch Law
    • Influence of English Law
  • The History of Codification
    • Dutch Period
    • British Period
  • The Sources of Thesawalamai
    • Meaning of Term Source of Law
    • Sources of Thesawalamai
    • Obsolete Provisions of Thesawalamai
    • Provisions Obsolete by Tacit Repeal
    • Custom as a Source of Law in Thesawalamai
    • Law to be Applied When Thesawalamai is Silent