An Account of The Island of Ceylon

From நூலகம்
An Account of The Island of Ceylon
Noolaham No. 4177
Author Percival, Robert
Category இலங்கை வரலாறு
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Publisher Asian Educational Services
Edition 1990
Pages 420

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  • Introduction - history of the island previous to its being taken possession of by the english- the successive conquests of the portuguese, dutch, and english
  • General description of ceylon- the harbours -monsoons- climate-rivers- internal communications- soil-general divisons- british dominions- trincomalee- malativoe-jafnapatam-mannar
  • the pearl fishery -customs of the various indian nations who frequent it.
  • putallom salt- works- nigumbo- fishery there-march of the british troops from nigumbo- surrender of colombo
  • description of colombo - the fort-pettah- harbour- inhabitants-trade- expence of living
  • country , south of colombo-galkiest-punture-calture-barbareen- bentot- point de galle- matura-batacola
  • description of the ceylonese dutch- portuguese - malays
  • the ceylonese-their origin-manners-language-state of society
  • religions of the ceyloness
  • circumstances which distinguish the cingles from the candians
  • the king of candy's dominions -its divisions-candy digliggy neur- anaerodgburro- climate-soil-circumstances which distinguish the candians from the cinglese
  • the civil and military establishments of the kingdom of kandy
  • description of the bedahs, or vaddahs
  • animals of ceylon
  • vegetables
  • cinnamon, the staple commodity
  • minerals of ceylon
  • general observations- present state of the island- improvements- revenue-civil and military establishment -advantages
  • journal of the embassy to the court of candy, in 1800
  • table of roads in ceylon