Spolia zeylanica 1910

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
Spolia zeylanica 1910
நூலக எண் 80373
வெளியீடு 1910..
சுழற்சி -
இதழாசிரியர் -
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
வெளியீட்டாளர் The Colombo Museum
பக்கங்கள் 303



  • Part XXV – September, 1910
    • “Mimiery” in Ceylon butterflies, with a suggestion as to the nature of Polymorphism – R. C. Punnett
    • On some syngnathids (“PipeFish”) from Ceylon – G. Duncker
    • Remarks on some recently acquired Ceylon snakes – Major F. Wall
    • Notes on Kandyan art - A. K. Coomaraswamy
    • Pedipalpi of Ceylon – F. H. Gravely
    • Notes
      • Bee-eaters as fish-eaters – E. G. Reeves, A. Willey, E. E. Green
      • A blood-snaking bug – E. E. Green
      • The Colombo Lake fly – E. E. Green
      • Crows as fishers – C. Drieberg and A. Willey
      • Rambling notes – E. E. Green
        • Life-history of a common Ceylon butterfly
        • Curious minatory action of a harmless snake
        • A living chain of ants
        • A case of snake-bite
        • Reproduction of leaf-insects by parthenogenesis
        • Homoptera infested by stylops
        • Hare attacked by crow
        • An effective butterfly trap
        • Characteristic odour of leaf-cutting bees
        • Food of the reduviid bug, phyllorhynchus linnai
        • The call of the green grasshopper
        • Sudden appearance of an African Snail in Ceylon
  • Part XXVI – December, 1910
    • ”Sand-flies” (Phlebotomus) from Peradeniya – N. Annandale
    • Note on a fresh-water sponge and polyzoon from Ceylon – N. Annandale
    • On some parasitic protozoa from Ceylon – C. Clifford Dobell
    • Notes on the fresh-water fisheries of Ceylon – A. Willey
    • Notes
      • Rambling Notes – E. E. Green
        • A cannibal bat
        • A Large Green viper
        • A Passenger-carrying beetle
        • Palm squirrel and butterfly
        • Crows and their ways
      • The Ceylon giant tortoise – J. Pearson
      • An interesting frog – J. Pearson
      • The African land snail in Ceylon – J. Pearson
      • Symphyla of Ceylon – F. H. Gravely
  • Part XXVII – May, 1911
    • Notes on a new land planarian from Ceylon – Dr. Iwaji Ikeda
    • Some notes on the Ceylon pearl-inducing worm – T. Southwell
    • The species of Ceylon pedipalpi – F. H. Gravely
    • New hymenoptera from Ceylon – Rowland E. Turner
    • A new mason wasp – Meade-Waldo, Geoffrey
    • The egg-tooth in the Ceylon krait, or Krewella (Bun-gards ceylonicus)
    • Notes
      • Correction as regards the Ceylon species of phlebotomus – N. Annandale
      • The Ceylon jungle fowl in captivity – J. Li Thomas
      • Pelenda nuwara – P. F. Pieris
      • Child’s play – A. A. Perera
      • A convenient method of storing butterflies in paper envelopes – E. E. Green
      • On a curious scolopendrifolium caterpillar (Homodes fudra. Hampson). – E. E. Green
      • On the larva of panilla albopunctata, wlk – E. E. Green
  • Part XXVIII – August, 1911
    • Ceylon crustacea : Part 1.. Notes on the Alpheidae – J. Pearson
    • A new genus of short beaked gnats from Ceylon – N. Annandale
    • Some remarks on the occurrence of costodes in Ceylon – T. Southwell
    • An exploration of baggage near Balangoda – C. Hartley
    • Review – C. Hartley
    • Notes
      • Further note on files of the genus phlebotomus – N. Annandale
      • Contest between a mynah (Acridotheres tristis) and a locust (Acridium violascens) – N. Manders
      • The effects of the bite of ancistrodon hypnale – A. F. Abercromby
      • Sun–fish caught near Jaffna – J. Pearson
      • The giant tortoise at Galle – J. Pearson
      • The Gourami – J. Pearson
      • Proposed further attempt to introduce the gourami (Osphronemus oljax) into Ceylon with notes on a suitable locality – A. H. Pertwee
      • On the occasional luminosity of the beetle harmatelia bilinca – E. E. Green
      • On the probable occurrence of field mice in Ceylon – E. E. Green
      • On some butterflies of the Horton plains – E. E. Green
      • On an interesting aberration of vanessa (Pyrameis) indica – E. E. Green
      • On megaderma lyra, its habits and parasites – E. E. Green
      • Capture of a mouse by a large spider – E. E. Green
      • On the employment of a snake-stone in a case of centipede-bite – E. E. Green
      • Notes on the larvae of papilio polytes, p. demoleus, p. helenus (race mooreanus), and p.polymestor (race parinda) – J. C. F. Fryer
      • Filodes mirificalis, a good species – J. C. F. Fryer
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