The Historic Tragedy of the Island of Ceilao

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
The Historic Tragedy of the Island of Ceilao
நூலக எண் 3702
ஆசிரியர் Ribeiro, Captain Joao
நூல் வகை -
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
வெளியீட்டாளர் Asian Educational Services
வெளியீட்டாண்டு 1999
பக்கங்கள் 126



  • Introduction:to the Third Edotion
  • A Note to the Fourth Edition
  • Dedication - Joao Ribeiro
  • Index to Chapters
  • Book I
    • In Which is Described the Position of the Island of Ceilao With Reference to its Distance From the Pole
    • In Which We Show How Many Kingdom the Island the Island Contained
    • In Which We Describe the Riches of Ceilao
    • The Fortresses Which we had in the Island
    • Our Arrival in Ceilao and the Building of the Fortress of Columbo
    • The Revolt of the Apuame Dom Joao With the Kingdoms of Candia and Uva and the First Conquest
    • In Which is Recounted the Result of the War of this First Conquest
    • Which Narrates the Marriage of Dona Catherina and What Followed
    • In Which is Shown How ath the Death of the Emperor, He Appointed the King of Portugal Heir to His Kingdoms, and the Convention Which was Held
    • The Revenues Which the Emperors Enjoyed and Some Details Which we Ought to Know
    • How the Villages Were Divided and the other Dues Which the Natives had to ender
    • The Position and Fortifiction of Columbo, and the Other Forts in Island
    • Our Useual Garrison in Ceilao, Our Camps therein and their Position
    • The Rites, Ceromonies, and Evil Customs of the Chingalas
    • The Understanding These Gentiles Maintain With the Devil
    • The Nature of their Marriages, and the Other Customs of the Chingalas
    • Some Peculiarities of the Elephants
    • The Annual Assizes Called the Marallas
    • Of the Great Abundance of Foodstuffs, the Animals and the Diseases Which are Found in the Island
    • The Whild animals of the Island
    • The Great Abundance of Precious Stones, and Other Commodities Found in the Island
    • The Pearl Fishery of Ceilao
    • Regarding the Famous Mountain Called Adams' Peak, and its Peculiarities
    • The Habitation of the Bedas, their Customs, and the Natural beds of Salt Which the Island Possesses
  • Book II
    • The Resons Which led to the Commencement of War
    • The Expedition and the Treachery of the Modeliars, by Which the General Constantino de sa and all his army Were Destroyed
    • The Reasons Which Led to the Renewal of the War With the King
    • Of the Rest of this Incident and the Destruction of our Army in Candia
    • The Alliance Which the King of the Candia Entered into With the Hollanders
    • The Capture of Our two Fortress of Batecalou and Trequi
    • The Encounter Which took Place between our Army and the Hollanders at Caimel, and the Loss of the Fortress of Negumbo and Galle
    • How on the Arrival of Joao da Silva Tello, Count de Aveiras he Sent Dom Filippe Mascarenhas as Captain - General of Ceilao, and Re - Captured Negumbo
    • How Seventeen Portuguese Who Were Prisoners in Uva Were Put to Death
    • The War Which arose Between the King and the Prince, and how the Letter Came to us for Help
    • How the Prince's Request for Assistance was Discussed and the Question referred to India
    • How the Hollanders Came to Lay Siege to Columbo With Thirteen Ships, But Failed to Effect anything
    • How the Treaty Was not Ratified at Goa, and the Batle of Acuraca
    • The Battle of Negumbo Where Dom Antonio Mascarenhas and Antonio da Mota Galvao, the Captain - Major of the Field, were Slain
    • The Attempt of the Enemy to reach Columbo, the Embassy We sent to the King of Candia, and the Siege We Laid to Negumbo
    • The Declaration of Pease and the Departure of Dom Filippe Mascarenhas as Viceroy of India, With the Arrival of Manuel Mascarenhas Homem as General of Ceilao
    • The Declaration of War, Which led to a Mutiny, in the Course of Which the General Manoel Mascarenhas Homem was deposed and Imprisoned
    • The Arrival of Francisco de Mello de Castro as Captain - General, Whith an Account of Several Encounters and of the Battle of Tebuna
    • The Battle Which was Fought between us and Hollanders at Calomodara, and how the King of Caandia Attacked Our Army Which Was in the Four and Seven Corlas
    • The Battle Which the Captain - Major Gaspar Figueira de Cerpe Fought with the King of Candia in our Territory, and the Siege Which the Captain - Major Gaspar Figueira de Cerpe Fought With the King of Candia in Our Territory, and the Siege which the hollanders laid to caliture
    • How the Hollanders Came With a Powerful Fleet and laid Siege to Caliture Which They Captured
    • The Battle Which we fought with the Hollanders on the Shore of Moroto
    • How the Hollanders besieged and Assaulted the City of Columbo
    • The Story of the Siege Continued
    • The Same Continued
    • The Surrender of the City of Columbo and the Transfer of the Soldiers to Nagapatao
    • How the Hollanders Captured the Island of Mannar and Laid Siege to the Fort of Jafnapatao Which they Captured
    • The Errors Commited by us Over the Conquest the State of india
    • The Same Continued
    • The Disquisition on the Whole of the State, Pointing out the Main Resources of the Forts
    • The Same Continued
    • In Which is Explained how at the Commencement of our Conquest,t Was to our Advantage to have Maintained Malacca, Ormuz, and Goa alone
    • Continued
    • How We Ought to have Abandoned all our Possesions in India and Occupied the island of Ceilao
    • How the Island Should have been Utilised
    • The rest of Our Errors in Modern times
    • The end of this Week
    • Prologue
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