The History of Ceylon

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
The History of Ceylon
நூலக எண் 4552
ஆசிரியர் Knighton, William
நூல் வகை இலங்கை வரலாறு
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
வெளியீட்டாளர் Asian Educational Services
வெளியீட்டாண்டு 2004
பக்கங்கள் 399



  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • History Of Ceylon
  • State Of Ceylon Before the Christian Era
  • Buddhism And IIs Influence on the Public Mind
  • History From B.C.51toA.D.800
  • State Of Ceylon In First Eight Cen-Turies After The Christlan Era
  • History From A.D. 800, To 1160
  • Remarks On The History Of Ceylon And Its Condtion Prior To the Invasion Of The Portuguese
  • Knowledge Possessed Of Ceylon in Europe Before the Arrival of the Portuguese in 1505 And Introduction And Decline Of christlanity
  • Contintion Of the History Of Ceylon From The Arrival Of The Portuguese in the Reign Of Prackramabahuix To The Establishment Of Singha Power
  • State Of Ceylon in The Seventeenth Century
  • appendix
    • Buddhism And The Philosophy Of Greece
    • Singhalese Sovereigns From
    • Notes On the Present State Of The Island
    • Colombo To Candy
    • Descripition of Candy
    • Candy to Nuwera Ellia
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