The Life of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan 1

நூலகம் இல் இருந்து
தாவிச் செல்ல:வழிசெலுத்தல், தேடுக
The Life of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan 1
நூலக எண் 3707
ஆசிரியர் Vythilingam, M.
நூல் வகை வாழ்க்கை வரலாறு
மொழி ஆங்கிலம்
வெளியீட்டாளர் Ramanathan Commemoration Society
வெளியீட்டாண்டு 1971
பக்கங்கள் 605



  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • Preface - M.Vithilingam
  • Introduction
  • Birth and Ancestry
  • Coomaraswamy Mudaliyar
  • Ponnambala Mudaliyar
  • Education
  • Lawyer - Marriage
  • Sri Muthucoomaraswamy
  • Entress the Legislature
  • Maiden Speech - Early Speeches on Education
  • Grievances of Public Servants
  • The Post Office Saving Banks
  • Characteristics
  • The Road Oridance - The Registration of Titles to Land
  • Ramanathan and the Christian Missonaries
  • The Registration of Mohammedan Marriages
  • Ramanathan and the Budhist Temporalites
  • Ramanathan's Work For the Legal Profession
  • Tour to Europe
  • Ramanathan and the Jaffna Railway
  • Religious Growth
  • The Repeal of the Grain Tax Ordinance
  • The Making of a Budget
  • Development of Irrigation in Ceylon
  • Reduction of Military Expenditure Freedom of Speech for Official Members
  • The Foundation of the Ceylon National Association - The Memorandum on Constifution Reform
  • The Jaffna Market Ordiance
  • Imperial Honours - The Grant of the Diginity of C.M.G.
  • The Problem of Indian Labour
  • Legal Reform
  • Retirement From Council in 1892
  • Mudaliyar Ponnampalam Coomaraswamy
  • Solicitor General Acting Attoreny General
  • Ramanathan and the Foundation of Ceylonese Nationalism
  • Commentaries on the Christian Gospels Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria
  • Lady Ramanathan
  • Lecture Visit to America
  • Ponnambalavaneswara Temple
  • Ramanathan College
  • The Educated Ceylonese Member
  • Appendix: Ramanathan's Memorandum on Constitutional Reforms
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