Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon the Red Sea Abyssinia and Egypt 1

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Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon the Red Sea Abyssinia and Egypt 1
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ஆசிரியர் Viscount Valentia, George
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வெளியீட்டாளர் Asian Educational Services
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  • Embark- departure from the lizard- arrival at madeira- remarks om the island - plants - st. helena.- remarks on the island- voyage thence to the cape of good hope- arrivel there- tour in the country- isle of st. paul- nicrobar islands - arrival in the hoogly river
  • arrival at calcutta - fete given by the governor - gen era.marquis wellesley, to celebrate the peace.- visit barrackpore- arrangements for the journey to lucknow.-leave calcutta- pass by hoogly , burhampore, jungepore, bhaughulpore, monghyr,patna, to benares. -residence there-account of benares.- leave benares-junpore- sultan akbar's bridge and place there. enter the nawaub vizier's territories.-sultaunpor.- arrive at lucknow
  • residence at lucknow- visits to his highness the nawaub vizier of oude- to the begums of sujah -ud dowlah and asoph-ud-dowlah -to the mirza soolimaun shekoo -to almas ali khan-character of saadnt ali khan-observations on oude
  • departure from lucknow-visit to the ruins of canouge-arrival at futty ghur- recceptions of the nawaub of furruckabad- visit to general lake on his march to the frontier- return to futty ghur.-journey to cawnpore embark on the ganges.-voyage down the river to calcutta
  • observations on the town of calcutta .- new government house -populations - increased

salubrity.- state of society.- manner of living -gaming - half -cast children-generosity of european inhabitants.- supreme court - church establishment.- proposed alterations.- missionaries.-mahomendans.- christians of st. thome.-college of calcutta- objections to its reduction

  • sail from the hoogly.- voyage to ceylon.- arrivel at pointde galle - journey to colombo -

receptions by mr north.- cingalese ball.- political state of ceylon with regard to europeans- establishment of the british circumstances in which the hon. mr. north assumed the government - negotiations with the chief adigaar , with observations - hostilities begun by the candians - possessionof kandy by the british troops - elavation of mooto sawmy- massacre of the english - effects of the candian war. ideas on the reductions of the island- fortification of colombo - eligibility of removing the seat of government to galle- miscellaneous remarks on ceylon. casts of the cingalese malabars.- malay soldiers - manners and character of the cingalese.- state of christianity .- school for the natives.- prospects of conversion.- abuses under the dutch government.- abolition of pencions , and its effects.- cinnamon - improvements in agriculture suggested - clearing the country. spirt of mr north 's administrations, and prior abuses.- english society at colombo - manner of living - jungle fever -leprosy -want of staff surgeons, and medical stores.- professor thunberg.

  • departure from colombo.- negumbo - chilow - sefence of the fort by mr.campbell against

the cingalese .- andapane. putlam.- voyage to marchicotti.- condotchi governer's house there.- manner voyage to ramisseram - reception by the pandaram - visit to the pagoda.- panbam.- ramnad - visit to the rannie.- arrival at tanjore.- history of the rajah's family, and his elevations to the musnud.- visit to the rajah- tondiman chief of the polygars.- arrival of a vakeel from him - observations on these tribes - destructions of the panja-lam-courchy rajahs- war with the murdoos chiefs of shevagunga.- departure from tanjore.- visit to the pagodas of comboconum .- cuddalore.- arrival at pondicherry- description of the town. - plants of buonaparte.- capiltulation of the french troops - observations thereon.- visit to the seven pagodas.- arrival at medras.- general observations.

  • departure from madras - conjeveram- vallore tippo's family - massacre in 1806- santghur

- the gauts- colar bangalore - seringapatam- tippoo's palaces- hyder's and tippoo's characters- tippoo's country