Economic Review 1987.11 (13.8)

From நூலகம்
Economic Review 1987.11 (13.8)
Noolaham No. 43427
Issue 1987.11
Cycle மாத இதழ்
Editor -
Language ஆங்கிலம்
Pages 36

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  • The Budget 1988
  • S.S.Colombage- Savings,investment and the Budget
  • P.B.Jayasundera- Macro economic implications of the Budget
  • Diary of Events- Budget Diary 1978-1988
  • Ronnie de Mel- The budget and foreign aid
  • Aid pledges for Rs 15 bn more
  • W.D.Lakshman- Deficit financing and its implications
  • H.L.Hemachandra- Salaries and the wage increase
  • K.Karalasingham- Taxation of companies
  • Ronnie de Mel- Defence expenditure given priority
  • Foreign News Review- Forecasts of deeper recession ahead
  • Finance- Securities and shares, the exchange, brokers and dealers
  • Sarath Rajapathirana- Industrialisation and foreign trade
  • T.B.Karunaratne- Tourism:the SriLanka situation and global trends